About Springest

You'll grow to reach your full potential, while helping others with theirs...

Help everyone reach their full potential through learning and vitality. That's the purpose of Springest. What you do has a big impact on people's lives and careers. And the best thing? We help and push you to reach your full potential too.

We connect people who want to learn, to  companies who provide services and products like training, e-learning, coaching, books, videos and vitality. If it helps you reach your full potential, we want to help you discover it. 

Internally we speak English because we operate in multiple countries and employ many nationalities. Read more about Springest on our local sites Over Springest and Über Springest :)


Almost as good as the real thing

Best Employer in 2015, 2016 and 2017

Newspaper NRC awarded us 3 times in a row

NRC (one of the largest Dutch newspapers) researches the best small and large employers in The Netherlands every year. In their last three editions, we ended 1st, 1st and 3rd. And we are quite proud of it!

The jury was most impressed with our learning environment and the flexibility in the way we work. Our primary and secondary benefits were also in the top range, as well as our offices / lunch / personal workspace setup.

TinyPulse, an app to monitor your culture and employee happiness, awarded us with their "employee recognition award". We gave each other the most compliments of any of their customers! (we have since moved to another tool called 7Geese, which we love :))

No managers?!

Nope, we self-manage with Holacracy

Springest works with the Holacracy organisational "operating system". Holacracy is a management model for organisations, where authority is distributed in an organic, flat structure with circles (teams) and roles. Roles define the responsibilities each team member has, usually you have several roles. Due to this distributed authority system, each employee is empowered (read Debbie's story for instance) to decide how to energise their roles and bears the responsibility for its execution.

Sound complicated? Don't worry, we will take the time to teach you. It doesn't take more time to learn than to learn how any other company works. The only difference: it's all quickly findable because how we work is documented in detail. Just like those roles and circles you see on the left. We explain Holacracy at Springest in more detail in English and Dutch here.

Trial day

Where we take each other for a spin

If you want to work at Springest and you're selected after your interview round(s), we'll invite you for a trial day. You will work in the role(s) you're applying for, with full access to all needed systems and people. This way, you get a real experience of what it's like. And yes, we will throw you in at the deep end!

During your trial day you will do real world tasks and projects. We'll work closely with you and provide you with feedback along the way, and of course you get to talk to some of your (potential) future colleagues.

This is not a formality: about 33% of triallers get hired and it's very important to us that you really feel what it's like to work with us. And the other way around too, as we'll test your agility, feedback giving / receiving, critical questioning and execution speed. And the best part: you'll learn a lot, whether you're hired or not. Read these trial day reports on Sputr from Frida (hired as Swedish Business Developer), Katja (not hired as Swedish Business Developer) Sarah (hired as Go Learning Advisor), Roxanne (not hired as Learning Advisor), Kristel (not hired as Learning Advisor) and Luca (hired as Finance).

Hack Day

A tradition to get inspired from

Hack Day has long been a tradition on the Springest team. We’ve built some amazing prototypes in ridiculously short timeframes — some of which have gone on to become real product features or tools we use on a daily basis. Examples: Sputr, Rolest, ASQ, Money Back guarantee.

Uniquely, we also don’t limit Hack Day to the development team. From marketing to sales and customer support, everyone at Springest takes part in our monthly all-company hackathons. The only rule: you don't work on something already planned, and you try to ship it in a day.

Perks & Benefits

Need more reasons to work at Springest?

  • No managers, lots of responsibility
  • No politics, just transparency and clarity
  • Informal culture, focussed on learning
  • Standup desks and Apple hardware
  • Free organic & healthy lunch
  • €1.000 yearly learning budget
  • Regular meetups & drinks
  • Flexible working hours (or from home)
  • Bi-annual happiness talks with founder
  • FoosbalpingpongNintendodartssjoelbak
  • Regular group meditations & exercise
  • Massage chair & ergonomic checkups


Let's hear it from some of your future colleagues

  • Work is more fun if you learn, and I learn something new every day. Working at Springest is a great challenge, and from my "Smooth Operations" roles I love to help Springeteers bring out the best in themselves.

    Thumb photo 1476438441
    Debbie van Veen
  • The transparency and freedom of working in a self-management environment can be confronting. It works well for me, because there is a lot of trust at Springest. You get the opportunity to find your space, to fill your roles within the Holacracy system. I combine my business development role with mentoring younger sales people and public speaking about our way of working.

    Jeroen Persoons
    Jeroen Persoons
  • Doing product development at Springest is like playing Super Mario Bros. You beat a level, learning cool tricks along the way. But it doesn’t stop, the new levels just keep coming. Because there is still so much to solve in the business & art of helping people learn.

    Rik Matena
    Rik Matena
  • I moved to Berlin and got the opportunity to setup our office there. It's been a great journey so far, and we're growing fast so there's something to learn every day. Spreading the word about self management and Holacracy in Germany is one of the many perks of my job!

    Matthias / Matt Hallmann
    Matthias Hallmann
  • As a learning advisor I've learned to combine sales and giving advise to our users. That can seem challenging but with so many people wanting to learn different things, it actually feels very natural! I have to be quick on my feet, keep improving my skills and most importantly: stay authentic.

    Milou Gülink
    Milou Gülink
  • What I love about working at Springest is that we have a team that can make my wildest ideas a reality in no-time. It is awesome to see the impact you can have in reshaping an entire industry. When considering a new idea we always ask ourselves: “Is it safe enough to try?“, the answer to that is always yes, which means we’re always experimenting and learning. I love working here cause every day we prove that we can overcome any challenge we come across. I can’t wait to see what is next!

    Ewout Meijer
    Ewout Meijer

By the numbers

In data we trust...

  • 53 Springeteers in 2 offices
  • working in 7 circles and 4 sub-circles
  • energizing 300+ roles, 7 per person
  • 200.000 learning products offered
  • by over 10.000 providers & trainers
  • in 2.000 different categories
  • 3 million users per year
  • 50.000 of them buy a learning product
  • and 75.000 left a review so far

Springest B.V. @ Amsterdam

10 minute walk along the IJ river from Amsterdam Central Station :)

Springest B.V.

Van Diemenstraat 192, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Springest GmbH @ Berlin

In the heart of Prenzlauer Berg, easy to reach by U-bahn

Springest Berlin

Kastanienallee 32, 10435 Berlin, Germany

Meet The Springeteers

Yeah we call us that. But for the rest we're pretty normal, promise.

Ruben Timmerman
Founder & Learning Evangelist
Dennis Paagman
Product Owner Go
Detmar ter Huurne
Product Owner Providers & Finance
Rik Matena
Product Lead Link
Mathijs Blokland
Frontend Developer
Mark Mulder
Senior Developer, Architecture
Debbie van Veen
Smooth Operations Lead Link
Provider Support
Aida Nourany
Office Manager
Alexander Arzoni
Akberet Debessai
Go Learning Advisor
Anna Marieke Weerdmeester
Springest Suite
Learning Advisor
Bram Speelman
Marketing/SEO Lead Link
Midas Snoek
Customer Succes Manager
Luca Wartna
Finance Lead Link
Milou Gülink
Users Lead Link
Nathalie Davies
Hiring / Finance
Nick Huiberts
Learning Advisor
Danny van Rijn
Providers Lead Link
Florence Schaff
Providers Belgium
Ewout Meijer
Organisations Lead Link
Ruben Versteeg
Learning Advisor
Iris Bühne
Jesper Smit
Learning Advisor
Jordy van Gelder
Josje Karg
Go Learning Advisor
Jorge Sanz
Judith van der Toorn
Provider Support
Juul Noordzij
Learning Advisor / Hiring
Robin Oost
Learning Advisor
Nick Winterswijk
Customer Succes Manager
Roel van Beem
Timon van Berkum
Learning Advisor
Samir Bashandy
Key Accounts Manager / Provider Sales
Victoria Broens
Legal officer / Copywriter
Willem Cornet
Provider Sales / Customer Succes Manager
Shiraz Paracha
Customer Sale
Zhivago Holwijn
Learning Advisor
Zoë van Dantzig
Customer Succes Manager
Marcin Czerkawski
Learning Advisor & Go support DE
Maximilian Wiese
Provider Sales and Succes DE
Robert Magiera
Customer Sales DE
Clara Eckert
Germany Lead Link
Gerrit Sombrowski
Provider Sales and Succes DE
Mathias Hallmann
Provider Sales and Customer Succes Manager DE
Sabine Drechsler
Learning Advisor & Provider Succes
Frida Ährlin
Provider Succes & Marketing Sweden