🌍 Senior Backend Developer (Ruby)

Job description

Update June 2019: we are not actively hiring for this position right now. However, the vacancy will likely open up again in a while, so if you feel like being on the radar for the future, we'd still love to hear it.

We never work with agencies, recruiters or freelancers, so please don't contact us about that. Thanks!


At Springest, our mission is to help people reach their full potential through learning. We are on a journey to make our platform the best source for learning products in the world. From on-site trainings to books, coaching sessions and e-learning courses: we help our users discover, compare, and book everything they need to reach their personal and professional learning goals.

We have a strong product focus in which everything revolves around the millions of yearly visitors of our Dutch, German, Belgian, UK, and US sites. On the supply side of this marketplace, thousands of learning providers use our platform to promote their products and gather user reviews. Meanwhile, a growing number of organisations like ING, PostNL, T-Mobile, Siemens, Aegon, Nuon and RWE use our SaaS learning platform internally. This allows us to make a positive societal impact at scale, by helping people take ownership of their own professional & personal development.

Yes, it's a complicated business. But that is exactly why this challenge is so cool: we have spent years building a uniquely strong team, business model & product. Now we need your help to go from scale-up to... big scale-up ;)

Working at Springest

We are looking for a senior Ruby developers to join our product development team. We don’t have managers, but roles, accountabilities & processes. We feel that individuals taking responsibility is very important. At Springest, you will work in close collaboration with product owners, marketing, and sales colleagues. You are also a member of our development team where we discuss architecture, infrastructure, and keep a close watch on security and performance.

Our main application runs on Ruby on Rails backed by Postgres, Redis and Memcached. Next to that we rely on Elasticsearch to power our search, which is a core part of our product. We also have some smaller Go and Elixir projects in production. We are hosted on AWS and make heavy use of their offerings like RDS, CloudWatch, Elastic Beanstalk and EC2 Container Service. For our frontend stack, we work with Slim, Sass & CoffeeScript. Some libraries we use are jQuery, Bourbon/Neat, Backbone and Vue.js. But mainly, we care about using the right tool for the job!

Next to our main application, we build internal tools whenever necessary (but only if necessary!). This ranges from ticketing systems for our Learning Advisor and Provider Support teams, to apps for mapping our organisational structure and announcing important updates. It is rewarding for us to see small development projects make a big impact for our colleagues.

We also do a regular internal hackday where we drop everything and work on something completely different. We might give a new programming language a shot, try out an idea someone’s been toying with for a while or hack on some actual hardware. A lot of hackday ideas actually became super important for our business. Check this recap of a hackday to read more about why we organise them.

What we expect from you

  • You work well in a team, and want to make the team greater than a sum of its parts.
  • Engagement in what it is that you are building and who you are building it for. We want you to feel involved and come up with ways to make Springest better.
  • The drive to improve yourself and our organisation and deliver high quality work.
  • You have a broad interest and deep knowledge. We are all about learning and sharing knowledge.

Get to know our team

Interviews with some of our team members:

Watch product owner Rik talk about self-organization product development at the 2018 Codemotion Amsterdam conference:

Read developer Iris' blog post (Dutch, sorry!) about how her desire to live a lifelong learning career & lifestyle brought her to our team:


We never work with agencies, recruiters or freelancers, so please don't contact us about that. Thanks!